About us

Worldtrading is an absolute expert in the LER market. The owner Johan Lauwers even started in 1995 with his own outlet market shops in Belgium and extended them to 5 stores. Step by step the trading company kicked off in 1999 by buying big volumes of stock lots from well-known A-Brand manufacturers. Today we sell almost all A-brands in many FMCG categories. Our customers are in the alternative secondary market channel across Europe, not conflicting with traditional customers. We buy in Europe and sell all over the world. That explains our name: Worldtrading Europe.

Management Team

Johan Lauwers

CEO and Founder.

Mobile: +32-(0)476346624

Johan knows all ins and outs of this business. He has great experience in asking and paying fair pricing for almost all A-brands. He knows exactly the value in the current marketplace.

Kim Jennis

Financial Director

Mobile: +32-(0)472521223

Kim is the financial expert and is keeping the books under control. Also, she is managing the office and is the spider in the web.

Strategy to grow our joint business

We will proactively approach A-brand manufacturers to see how we can add value for both of us. So, in efficiency improvements and business building as well.

  1. We want to fully focus on business-building opportunities and avoid any issues.
  2. We want to show our accountability and, if needed, we are even willing to sign a CDA
  3. We will offer you a Track & Trace system. We are able to inform you what product and volume were sold to whom against what price. Only needed in case of questions.
  4. We are already the one-stop-shop supplier for all kinds of customers for personal- and home care products and have also taken over customers from manufacturers.
  5. We will inform manufacturers of any possible signal on counterfeit. We are really willing to help you solve this high-industry issue.

So, in net, we believe in a full strategic partnership with an open and transparent atmosphere focused on turning issues into opportunities and new unexpected business building blocks. 

Sell to us

Important for all our suppliers. We are a financially strong company and will pay all obsolete stock on forehand. We buy and sell the following types of stocks:

• Regular volume with differentiated SKUs with a fixed low price
• White space channel opportunity
• Volumes before they become Non Performing Inventory by a smart partnership
• Non-Performing Inventory, Stock Lots, Remnants, Obsolete stocks
• Prepacked Displays last minute canceled by customers
• Clearance lines and end-of-line volumes
• Old promotional packs
• Damages
• Remnant of pack material
• Products with a too-short BBD but still OK for us 

Buy from us

We deliver to all kinds of European LER retailers, independents and chains. We are delivering to the following customers/markets in Europe:

• Independent non-food retailers
• Stock Lot wholesalers
• Export destinations
• Ship Supply wholesalers, in close cooperation with the manufacturer
• Retail stores in Afrika
• DIY chains
• Office Supply

When you want to buy from us you can contact us


Being accountable and building trust is what every company is saying. But in our more than 20 years of experience in this business, we have learned our lesson. Unfortunately, it’s not always working like that. We are working always transparently together with every partner and all our processes and partnerships still are based on trust and speed of action. You have an answer from us within 24 hours. We are a reliable and honest company delivering what we promise.

When we have a contract, we take the lead and share where we sell and manufacturers tell us where they are selling. In that way, we can even filter possible double customers. It’s our commitment not to disturb traditional business and customer relations.